Employment and Workplace Relations

The legal landscape in the sphere of employment, industrial relations and workplace rights has been one of the most dynamic in recent times. Societal and political attitudes towards what constitutes acceptable conduct and practice in the workforce has changed rapidly and so too has the law governing it.

It’s imperative that individuals and organisations understand and keep abreast of the expectations and standards required of them by the law in the workplace so as to meet their obligations as either a model employer or valued employee. Non-compliance by either party can result not only in a culture not conducive to high performance but the imposition of penalties or fines, loss of reputation and, for employees, termination of employment.

Dempseys Law expertise includes:

  • Employment dispute prevention and resolution;
  • Advice and representation at Fair Work Commission for Unfair Dismissal and Unlawful termination;
  • Advice and representation for Adverse Action (General Protections) Claims;
  • Advising on the issue of employee V independent contractor;
  • Advising on Vulnerable Workers legislation and developing audit tools to assist Franchisors comply;
  • Developing and implementing Whistleblower Policies in compliance with the Corporations Act;
  • Advising on harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace; and
  • Advising on and drafting internal HR policies and procedures.

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