Sports & Entertainment Law

Sports and Entertainment Law is, in essence, the application of various disciplines of the law to the industry of sport. There is no one piece of legislation that deals with the many vast issues that arise in the complex world of sport and entertainment. The most common aspects of law applied to sport include industrial relations, employment law, governance, intellectual property, competition law, strategy, commercial, tax, dispute resolution and advocacy. Accordingly, Dempsey Law take a multi-disciplinary approach to the matter at hand.

 Our experience includes:

  • Governance – advising on constitutional reform, incorporation of sporting organisations, drafting and advising on Codes of Conduct, Laws/ Rules of Game, Tribunal Rules.
  • Commercial – advising and drafting sponsorship and endorsement agreements, venue hire agreements, reviewing player, coach and match officials’ contracts;
  • Employment and Industrial Relations – advising and drafting employment contracts and collective/enterprise bargaining agreements, health and safety, terminations and investigations.
  • Music Licensing – securing licensing rights for venues;
  • Intellectual Property – establishment and protection of athletes and sporting organisations intellectual property including name, image, likeness, logo and brand.
  • Advocacy – representing athletes before disciplinary tribunals for on field and off field incidents and charges;
  • Dispute Resolution – between players and their sporting organisations in relation to employment contract and/or Collective Bargaining Agreements, restraint of trade disputes, athlete’s personal injury and insurance claims, mediation between factional board members of sporting organisations.

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