Intellectual Property

It’s imperative for a business’ success that it establish and protect its intellectual property rights. All too often we learn of a business’ name, trademark, designs and inventions either being denied registration or eroded because they didn’t receive the right advice from the outset.

Securing and protecting the Intellectual Property rights of a business ensures a company’s brand and products have the ability to trade as a going concern. It also adds considerable value to its goodwill and market value.

Whether you are establishing a business, developing new brands for your existing business, inventing  or designing a new product range or buying or selling a business it’s imperative you understand the importance of establishing and protecting your intellectual property and at the same time not infringing upon another.

At Dempseys Law we have experience in:

  • IP Strategy;
  • Trademark, Patent and Design Registration;
  • IP Infringement claims;
  • Trademark and Patent Opposition;
  • Passing Off;
  • Cease and Desist; and
  • IP Assignment and Licence.

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