Privacy, Data & Technology Law

The use of personal information and big data is extremely valuable to an organisation in this age of the digital transformation. The application of technology software to this information and data enables companies to make more accurate and informed decisions on the future of its operations, find better solutions, track sales performance, target its marketing efforts, track financial performance, measure and manage inventory levels.

The misuse of such information or the failure to comply with the requirements of Privacy and Corporation Laws can however result in disastrous consequences. Serious or repeated interference with the privacy of others can result in fines to companies greater than $10,000,000 or up to $500,000 for a individual.

Its essential organisations ensure they are and remain compliant with Privacy Laws. They need to have in place the necessary systems and procedure to lawfully collect, store and manage data and be able to respond in the case of cyber security attacks.

At Dempseys Law we have expertise in:

  • Advising on companies’ overall privacy obligations, procedures and responsibilities including conducting audits of its privacy compliance procedures;
  • Educating and training Privacy Officers on how to the fulfill statutory obligations, manage privacy enquiries and complaints, respond to requests for access to and correction of personal and sensitive information;
  • Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments on specific new projects being introduced;
  • Developing and implementing compliant Website Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use for Australian, Singaporean, NZ and UK jurisdictions including GDPR;
  • Drafting and implementing Data Breach Response Plans in preparation for any cyber security incidents that might eventuate; and
  • Advising on and negotiating SaaS Agreements, IT Agreements, End User Licence Agreements and Cloud Agreements.

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