Risk Management and Compliance

Companies that fail to have in place robust compliance and risk management programs face the very real prospect of significant fines and penalties being imposed upon them from government regulators. Non-compliance can also result in reputational loss in the marketplace, loss of management time and of course the legal costs expended in assisting management preparing responses.

Companies need to have in place a framework in which to identify the activities of their business operations that are non-compliant with laws so that they might assess the risk and manage it strategically.

Proper Risk management enables a company to assess the gravity of threat to the business if it does not comply. It enables it to prioritise its compliance efforts and allocate its resources to those aspects of the busines that pose the greatest threat.

At Dempseys Law we have experience in:

  • Assessing and advising organisations on regulatory compliance obligations in respect of Privacy, Data Management, Consumer and Competition laws, Franchising, Employment, Intellectual Property, Advertising and Marketing including promotional games, competitions and Music Licensing.
  • Developing Regulatory compliance frameworks and assessing and prioritising risk;
  • Managing the strategy and response to ACCC investigations into allegations of non-compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010;
  • Managing the strategy and response to investigations by the Office of Australian Information Commissioner into allegations and complaints of non-compliance with the Privacy Act 1988; and
  • Responding to Small Business Commission investigations regarding complaints concerning allegation of non-compliance with unfair contract term legislation;

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