Mediation Services

Mediation is a proven structured process undertaken by a neutral independent person known as a mediator. The mediator is qualified to assist disputing parties resolve their differences by identifying and assessing options and helping them negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute.

Advantages of mediation over court proceedings include speed in which to resolve a matter, saving of significant legal costs, reduced stress in a less formal intimidating process, confidentiality, and flexibility in terms of the outcome agreed.

Private mediation is usually a voluntary process and requires consent of all parties to agree to proceed with it.

Dempseys Law offers an independent neutral Nationally Accredited Mediator who is able to assist parties in resolving their dispute confidentially and expeditiously.

Experiences in mediating disputes in the past include:

  • Large commercial lease dispute between publicly listed company and State Government department;
  • Dispute between large private health company and financial adviser over alleged poor investment advice;
  • Business partners on going contributions and future strategy for their building company;
  • Directors’ disputes about future strategy for growth of engineering company; and
  • Law firm and software supplier over fit for purpose of the software sold.

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